COVER STORY // How EarthGang Finds Peace in Life


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Shane Allen

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Simon Melkhov

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Cliff Abraham

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Shane Allen

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EarthGang, one piece of the puzzle that makes up not only the enigmatic city of Atlanta, but our planet as well. EarthGang is here to show you through their music that we’re all a part of one thing, we all share the same space. We may live different lives but at the same time, we are more alike than we think. We’re all a part of EarthGang.

What were your first creative outlets as a kid?

Olu (O): For me it was drawing, drawing on the concrete with chalk and sketching in class, trying to figure out some ways to paint, but my first creative outlet was just drawing. Music was always natural, so I never really put much effort into that, but I did put effort into drawing. I just loved to draw all the time.

Do you still draw?

O: Nah, I don’t bro. I’m so busy, man. I need to take some time out so I can do some drawings, I’m really always out working or just resting. I definitely gotta go draw more though man.

WowGr8 (W): I used to, I still do write a lot of stories. I don’t do it like I used to as a kid, but I used to write a lot of fiction stories. My mom read a lot of fiction to me and she kind of raised us reading whatever kind of books she could get her hands on.

I would write stories for her as a kid so she could read them. That was cool. I was drawing stuff too, but a lot of times it would be like vandalism [Laughs]. Not necessarily even to vandalize, it was just like, this looks cool. I would never think of it as vandalism. I would just like to draw and paint on things for fun. Things I thought were funny, always very humor based. That’s where I was, of course outside of music. Honestly I have been doing something music related my whole life, so it’s a little bit of everything.