Red Bull Photographer Graeme Murray is Capturing the Most Epic Moments You Could Imagine.


Photography //

Graeme Murray

Interviewer //

Shane Allen

Posted //

August 24th, 2021

To simply put it, Graeme Murray has shot photographs of some of the most epic shit to have been done. What ever you could think. if it involves going big or going fast, he's probably captured it. Being a photographer for Red Bull, you can only imagine the talent that he's surrounded with.

Graeme works with so many of the best athletes and riders that the world has to offer,. He has a great way of making what ever is being done in the photo, look as crazy as it actually is. Every spot is bigger when you actually see it in real life, but Greame really has a talent for putting the viewer right there in the mix. As if you were watching it yourself.

Where and when did you get your first camera? What about photography intrigued you enough to the point where you wanted to gravitate towards it.

I got a camera when i was 14 yrs old, My grandad and my father both enjoyed taking pictures for fun. I was fascinated by how you would use this device. You'd put a roll of film into it and and then a few days later you could see the result. I was also into sports and i wanted to keep moments of these sports with a camera, it just seemed so natural to me for some reason.

I then got into developing my own film and printing BW in my parents washing room area. I set up a little darkroom. Was exciting to see the images come to life in front of your eyes.

Does photography still give you the same feeling from when you started. what is different about it now?

I get asked that a lot , Yeah I still love it as much as when I started it.

What’s different now is that is also a business but I love to shoot personal work all the time. It gives me a lot of satisfaction

What were your hobbies as a kid?

I loved drawing and being creative. Doing art also I was into sports like Motorbikes, BMX, wakeboarding, surfing, soccer and cricket

What are some of the qualities you like to find in your subjects?

I like to see how stoked people are living really, I love seeing that come across in images.

These people actually lift my stoke too

What’s the last photo you took where you were truly blown away with what you were looking at?