Rewriting History with VEMIX


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Shane Allen

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April 18th, 2021

At some point, we've all opened ms paint, we took a picture, cut the face out of a photo of someone, and put it on the body of someone else. You did it a couple of times until you realized they never really looked that good. Well, our guy VEMIX took it to a whole new level. A master at editing photos and deceiving the internet, he arranges different photos and creates iconic scenes that never actually happened but you wish did. You could only imagine the stories that would lead up to the fictional moment your witnessing.

That is not an easy thing to do, Finding the perfect photos with the correct light sources, screen direction, exposure, there are so many variables that have to line up perfectly and Vemix finds those combinations. Hats of to them. Check out our interview with the editor to see what the process is like.

What qualifies someone to be the subject of the photos you edit

Basically, I have to know who they are lol That's about it. I do tend to use musicians mostly and of course, I favor the ones that I enjoy. Being a big name helps too because there's a lot more material to work with

What's the start of the process? Does it start with an idea already in mind or are you looking for good photos that will work well?

It's kind of like a mental Venn diagram that goes on in my head. I seem to have this subconscious database that is always scanning and archiving everything I scroll past. This is weird because I can't remember a 6 digit verification code without going back and looking 3 times [lLaughs}. I never know what will trigger it or when it's about to happen, it just clicks. Sometimes they are reverse engineered. The title will come first, then my brain starts to do the triangulation mutation.

Which takes longer, finding the right reference photos or the actual process of editing them? Each process is quick, that's why they come out not so tasty sometimes. I don't polish or second guess, I just toss'em in the pan and fast fry. flip once, plop on a plate, and feed it to the machine.

Do you ever make up fake backstories behind your photos? I don't have to. The internet always takes care of that part lol never fails.

When was the first time you used photoshop? How old were you and what did you make? I have never used photoshop. I use a different program that's just the basics. I can't remember the exact first time but I think it might have been for a Christmas family photo when we couldn't get both of our dogs to look at the camera simultaneously in like, 2012 maybe. It was around 2017 that I started dabbling in the dark arts.

What’s the ideal reaction to your work? A smile is all I'm after. You can keep all that fame and fortune for someone who thinks they need it. Although, passive income and being on the news is rather enjoyable.

Are you trying to rewrite history? I don't try, I do. Nah lol it's really the folks that repackage it that are responsible for that part. I have never displayed them as anything other than what they are. I'm a blacksmith that makes decorative swords and hangs them on my wall. I'm not the one sharpening and swinging them around.