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Vincent Alvarez

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Shane Allen

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Janurary 17th, 2021

Would you say being a pro skater lives up to the hype?

Dude, to be honest with you, I've been doing it for several years now, which is what I've always wanted to do. But I haven't really felt that effect till recently, People sending me messages saying that I inspired them to skate and to learn new tricks and all this stuff. Maybe because I'm able to connect with people differently now through the internet.

But before it was like, I just wanted to keep skating and progressing and learning things. I'm just so glad to be able to get free products, being able to keep learning and just survive off of what I love. That feeling is amazing. But the hype of kids looking up to you, I just started to feel like these past couple of months.

Yeah I know you finally made an Instagram recently, I can definitely see how more connected with your fans you are now compared to in real life.

Yeah, for sure, I never wanted my phone to be my source of employment.

That's probably the main reason why I didn't join for a long time, But especially now, being able to connect with people on a different level is cool.

What's the hardest part of your job?

The hardest part is probably staying off of Instagram. [Laughs] Like when I'm skating with everybody I'm away from my phone you know? But like when I get home or whatever or I'm waiting in line at the market or something, what do I do? Let me see what my phone's doing, let me see what this person is doing. It's like, God, it's so hard to stay away from my phone, you know?

You're definitely a searcher for spots that people haven't haven't skated before. What's the craziest experience you've had looking at or skating a spot?

I want to say we were in Costa Rica, we were driving at nighttime. It was pretty late actually and we saw these sick hips on top of a roof so we pulled over to skate them. We start skating them and next thing you know cops have us at gunpoint. I thought I was going to get shot.

They take all of our stuff. Put us in the paddy wagon and take us all to jail. We ended up being in jail until like probably like four or five in the morning, but I guess a local there helped us out and ended up getting us out and all of our stuff back. It was crazy.

Damn, getting in trouble in a different country is not fun. Like pretty dangerous. You don't know what they can do to you.

That one was probably the trippiest. I don't even think we were looking for the spot. I think we were just driving to the hotel.

Yeah unfortunately skateboarding's not the most polite thing to do on someone else’s property. You never know how someone will react to you skating a spot.

Dude for real. I think that taught me a lot. Like you can't just get up on the roof of a business. I've had some crazy run-ins with house spots. I don't want to admit it but it's kind of disrespectful [Laughs] unless they're cool with it. We're ruining your million dollar house outside, is that ok?

What's been the coolest session you've gone on with Ty Evens?

Ahh man. There've been so many, but the one that pops out to me right now, is when we skated Raging Waters, which is a waterpark. There was a show called Built to Shred on Fuel TV, where you'd build stuff and skate it. So for this episode they got permission to skate the waterpark.

We show up and man, and I'm seeing, Rune Glifberg, Anthony Van England, Jeremy Wray, like dude... all these different people that I look up to and would never even dreamt of skating with, and we're all at Raging Waters, which was my favorite as a kid.

Alex Olsen filmed a line of me there skating down the slide. I was tripping so hard man. Skating down the slide, I was like, "Oh shit! I remember going down this slide as a kid." Now I got one of my favorite skaters filming me doing a line down it.

Sounds pretty surreal. Raging Waters, waterparks always looked so cool in footage and fun to skate, but they also looked mad dangerous. Like things could go wrong quick.

Yeah, that was a crazy part of it