Living Vicariously Through Photography w/ Minoshik

Photo Journal

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Shane Allen

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July 9th, 2021

What moments are you trying to capture?

I always show my own emotions in photography. Therefore, I try to photograph my inner state with a camera.

What’s the best memory you have with your camera?

I'm not alone in photography. I have a friend and he was the first of us to buy a camera, so we, like children, went out of town for many kilometers and ineptly photographed sunsets, ears of corn, puddles. This is my best memory because I learned to see the world differently.

Do you remember getting your first camera?

I bought my first camera in the fall of 2020 and he is my main assistant)

What about photography was alluring enough to make you want to start taking

photos in the first place?

I live in Belarus. We don't have a variety of nature or very interesting cities. Photography has become a challenge for me, because I try to capture beautifully what is difficult to see beautiful

How has the process of taking photos changed from then to now?

Now I'm trying to give the shot time. I used to take a shot and immediately show it to everyone. But now I give myself time to understand what emotion I have preserved and how I want to show this emotion in the picture.

What details are you looking for when shooting?

I usually pay attention to light and composition. The color can be corrected. I often crop my shots to achieve the positions of my body or tree in the frame that I want. I'm not afraid of poor quality, I'm afraid to place accents in the frame incorrectly

What qualities are you looking for in your model?

Most of the pictures are of my friends, so I don't worry at all. I rarely meet people on purpose for photography. Most of the time, I just spend time with my friends and take pictures at the same time.

When directing models, what is an important part of your process?

It's important to feel comfortable. I think that first, you need to spend time with a person and only then start photography.