Moises Levy's Day at the Beach


Photography //

Moises Levy

Interviewer //

Shane Allen

Posted //

August 28, 2021

What were your first creative outlets as a kid?

Since I was a child I enjoy everything visual, spaces and the different qualities of light

When and how did you get your first camera?

On a trip to New York when I was studying architecture, I was very amazed about the city and the perspectives.

What about photography drew you in and what about it kept you wanting to keep doing it?

The light and the design, I´m always looking for interesting subjects but in the end the aesthetic and the light is my ultimate goal.

What moments are you looking to capture in your photography?

I try to capture natural moments creating layers and tell a story about life.

What qualities do you want to find in the people that you shoot?

I try to find people with interesting silhouettes, and with exaggerated proportions if possible

How often do you take spontaneous photos versus planning something out?

I always capture spontaneous moments I never recreate a scene, I think that is the escence of my work.

What was the 1st photo that got away?

I think my shot of N