PHOTO JOURNAL // Evgeni Gochev - Portraits

Photo Journal

Artist //

Evgeni Gochev

Interviewer //

Shane Allen

Posted //

February 22nd, 2021

What are you trying to capture with each portrait?

Portraits for me are a way to capture emotion, which fundamentally comes from myself who can then share it with the model over the fundamental idea for the shoot. Every time It's unique because that energy is born in me, but actually what we see is how the model understands it and felt it through their own perceptions.

What’s the most important part of directing a model?

Most times I do not like to tell the whole idea for the shoot to the model. I prefer to give them an overall concept and let them interpret my words with actions. I just stand aside and take photos of the result, listening to some good music in the background, of course.

What’s the most important part of preparing for a shoot?

Good team work is the essence of preparing to create something magical every time on set.

Do you remember getting your first camera?

I will never forget my first camera, which I bought with my own money when I was 15. I got it right after I won my first photography contest. My winning entry was shot with my best friend's camera. The emotion I felt in this moment will never leave my consciousness.

Are there any good stories while shoot any of the photos? Which photo?

One time we met an extremely unfriendly street dog, while we were on shoot and in the beginning it scared us all a bit. However, once it got closer to our team, the dog became nicer to us and actually became our talisman for the day.

Anything go wrong?

Things going wrong is my favorite type of challenge because each time after that the result is better than the original plan. Moments when things do not go as planned is the best opportunity for any creator to truly show his abilities to work in a stressful environment and to implement critical thinking in the situation.

We’re there any photos that got away?

I try to use each idea that comes to my mind, because that is the only way I will never stop working and making projects happen the best way possible. I have a journal where I write down everything that comes to my mind, so that later I can come back to it and think of a way to implement it in my next photoshoot.