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Helin Bereket

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Shane Allen

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What were your first creative outlets as a kid?

Both my parents were teachers and open-minded people, so when I was a kid I had the opportunity to try out many different things such as writing, painting, playing different instruments. My first creative outlets were the little stories I wrote and my watercolour paintings. Unfortunately I lost them all when we moved after the earthquake in Turkey in 1999.

When and how did you get your first camera?

I received my first camera as a gift in 2013. Well actually it wasn’t a gift. My mom bought it and didn’t like it and just gave it to me. It was a very simple compact camera, which I always took with me on my travels.

What qualities do you want to find in the subjects/structures that you shoot?

There are a few things that catch my attention, such as geometric shapes, colors, lights, shadows or contrasts. It's possible to see all of these elements separately or together in my photos. But I don't have a fixed style; my photos reflect my current interests and way of thinking. And my way of thinking changes every day.

How often do you take spontaneous photos versus planning something out?

It depends where I shoot, when I shoot. When I’m on a road trip, I mostly have a bucket list, but I’m not a person who likes to jump from a spot to another one. I don’t plan the whole trip. I just have a rough route and Everything that happens in between is spontaneous. I like to make stops, shoot when I feel like it or stay somewhere longer if I like it. So 50/50 I would say.

Who do you look up to?