PHOTO JOURNAL // Przemyslaw Giagozidis - Kanpeki

Photo Journal

Artist //

Przemyslaw Giagozidis

Interviewer //

Shane Allen

Posted //

February 8th, 2021

What moments were you trying to capture?

Im an intuitive photographer. I know what Im looking for but its hard to define it.

Im interested in people and in different cultures. This is what inspires me.

Are you looking for anything specific when taking photos?

Its more a feeling than just looking around to capture a moment on film.

Photography is like an excuse to go out and see beautiful weird things. Trying to find something interesting where lots of people pass around and didn’t see it. Somehow like a different reality.

What makes the city you’re shooting so beautiful?

Every city has their own beauty but in general Im open to my surroundings and trying to find inspiration in the character of the place im visiting.

What’s the best memory you have with your camera?

On this trip I only used the Olympus mju II which is a gift of a very good friend from Berlin. In return I gave him a pair of German military sneakers which look like Margielas “Replica”. Anyway since then I got a deep connection in the way of using this point and shoot camera. I was always interested in snapshots. Interested in their immediacy. They can have their own convention. I might say I discovered how to get close to people without making me visible. Its a great documentary tool.