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"Hong Kong is a highly populated city with the most number of skyscrapers in the world. The density of the building is mind-blowing. This series of photos try to showcase the architecture and geometry I found in the city." - William Cheng

What moments are you trying to capture? This series of photos, I am trying to capture the different lines and patterns from Hong Kong, the city I am living in. This is a city of skyscrapers, it’s packed with different high rise buildings and amazing architectures. However, with the city’s hustle and bustle lifestyle, people seldom realize how beautiful the city can be. I try to capture the everyday scenes from a new vantage point and encourage people to stop and rediscover the city.

Do you have a good story from taking any of these pictures? Sometimes, I sneak into rooftops of different skyscrapers to get shots from a higher vantage point. One time, when I was taking some shots on the roof, someone from the other building thought i was going to jump from the building. The person called the police. Around 15 people, including firefighters, cops and security guards, came up and tried to “save” me. Luckily, I did not get into any trouble and the photos from that day were sick too.

Are you looking for anything specific when taking photos?

Most of the time I and looking for architecture. I love seeking interesting patterns and lines in my city. One time I flew my drone at a residential area, and accidentally discover those buildings just look like hash tags from above.

What makes the city you’re shooting so beautiful? Hong Kong is a densely packed city, small yet full office places. Within half an hour, I can travel from the city’s centre to a beautiful country park. The energy and fast pace of the city, bring surprises everyday and keep the city so attractive.

What’s the best memory you have with your camera? I share a lot of wonderful memories with my camera. Without my camera, I believe I would not be able to see the world the way I see now. My camera always brings me to new places and connects me with new people.

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