January, 26th 2021 // Writer: Shane Allen // Remembering

Sad news, again....Today we find out about the news of the passing of rapper Chase "6 Dogs" Amick.

All though we're not sure at this time what the cause was, we want to mourn his passing and celebrate his life and his career in music.

Chase was a very beloved member of the underground rap scene. Breaking into the community in 2016 with with "Flossing", a soundcloud rap era classic. The song blew up because he simply bought a repost from Nedarb, who was responsible for producing some of Lil Peep's classics and fan favorite.

6 Dogs was known for being a super unique - Avant Garde, songwriter, crafting songs that seem silly upon first listen but, for some reason you come back over and over.

He broke on to the scene, made one mixtape that made huge buzz and grew his fanbase. And then kind of just disappeared. He stopped releasing music, other than a few 1 offs and Instagram snippets .

After that mixtape, fans wanted to see what Chase would do next with his sound, but things didn't really pan out for how much attention his first project got. This left everyone wondering what was going to be next for the artist.

Right after he blew up, we were actually asked to produce his video for his then blowing up song "Faygo Dreams"

Already being a fan of 6, we were more than happy to give him an amazing music video. Chase flew to New York specifically for the video.

Weeks before, we were planning the video out, coming up with concepts and ideas for what he wanted to do with it. He was fixed on this idea of being in an arcade. It was based off a dream he had.

He was being trapped in an arcade. He wonders through it before he starts to play this cabinet game. He wins and has the choice of three prizes...Coins, a ball, a Michael Jackson., whatever that meant. He chooses Mike and wakes up.

A pretty odd idea, but it makes sense for a song as out there as Faygo Dreams.

When we got to meet Chase, he seemed the a normal kid, a little inexplicably odd, but nothing too out of the ordinary. He was stoked to be out of Atlanta, in New York City. He was being homeschooled at the time and was recording some new music while he was out here first.

After we wrapped in the arcade, we needed a place to shoot inside, so his manager suggested this apartment of someone knew.

That person just happened to be the legendary music mogul Lyor Cohen. We hung out with Chase exploring one of the nicest townhouses in Greenwich Village. New York City. Pretty surreal moment.

But since that video, we didn't' really hear from chase, he kinda stopped releasing music and what seemed to be a huge momentum, eventually died down. His fans left wanting more and no one really knew when that would happen.

6 Dogs wasn't really one to put himself out there like that. He seldom did interviews and we never really got to hear his side of the version. Apparently there was more going on with him than we thought.

Chase was a great kid, but apparently something was wrong. These times are becoming more unbelievable and harder to handle everything day. The mental health of the whole world is just depleting. It's hard to hang on and evidently it's taking a toll.

It seems like every couple of months we have to remind each out to check up on our friends.

We'll miss you Chase, it was amazing knowing you. Rest in Power

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