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Shane Allen

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Shane Allen

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July 4th, 2020

Could you give me an explanation of the film? 

This is the core of the show and for the over the last two years I've been teaching myself stop motion animation and a little bit of film stuff, basically taking the language of drawing and sculptures that have been building over the last, very many years and kind of adapting it to include time.

And so there are pretty experimental and abstract. Some of them have little narratives that kind of develop within them. But at the moment it's just kind of a sequence of abstract narratives that kind of layer on each other.

What was the push to experiment with film and animation

I was just something I was ready to do. I had been wanting to make animation really since I was a teenager, but I didn't quite have the patience and I didn't quite have the language yet. So I felt like it kind of needed to spend a lot of time really building. What was my visual language,what was my narrative language? All of these things kind of had to get built, before I could be ready to kind of form it in that way.

Most of the other pieces in the show are ac