Sculpting from bones

Could you tell us a little about this exhibition

This is the survey show of the last 13 years .It’s the first time I'm seeing all of these 26 works together. Some of the works I have not seen for the past ten years, only the image. So you imagine certain things.but the reality is something else. I'm getting to assess the work. That's very important for any artist, to get that kind of a chance to assess their own work. `

How did you start to make sculpture?

I have a background of museology. I always feel, that if there is a multi sensory approach, in any experience, that's amazing. I don't limit myself as a sculptor or painter. Of course I ask for help when I want to make a certain things.I take the help of experts, but I believe I kind of really work with the multi-sensory.  Basically they make people’s experiences deeper. Because all our,sensors register different kinds of information. I want to explore those areas.

What is the importance of the material you use?

The materials are very, very important. In this case of the sculpture behind me, it’s actually made out of bone. Anybody, when they see bone, something in their body. If they associate those things with readings and then experience it in real life, it's a totally a different experience. It's not just a clay or something simple. You are looking at your own body close up.

A lot of your work involves money and the way it affects you and your emotions. What's the idea of money mean to you ?

So in 2012 or so, you know since the financial crisis happened, most of the major discussions are about money..That was the starting point, the first work I came up with was a therapy machine. 

So in India and many countries, everyone has a belief about some kind of wealth. in India, people used to hammer a coin in the doorsteps so that their money doesn't go anywhere. In China, then they have a happy man, they have these in every shop. Different cultures use  different symbols for money. I kind of,use them in the language of my sculpture making and try to develop a therapy for it. I try to make people talk about it, and that leads to thinking. I'm not a preacher, I'm not an adviser on it. It's more about sharing ideas and getting some kind of feedback and back and forth.

How do you expect people to experience you work?

This is very interesting question. So you are, exercise is always towards giving a signal, of what you think. In this world that it's not possible to go in 100%.. Maybe that's a reason it's very exciting. When, when you gave a si

gnal and you receive back a, a signal it’s always amazing. You start thinking how it is translated,

Do you have any routines that you stick to?

My basic exercise is to come out from my body memory to brain memory. it's easy to get into a repetition. If there’s one thing that i always try to d, it is to question what i'm doing and make it more and more accurate, go the opposite direction. This is what life is. But Im also watching and observing and taking it all in through my imitations.

What are your goals

I’m quite interested in the material libraries. So if at some point i can really create a material library. I don’t know what kind and the ideas not crystallized but when I'm ready I will know.