The Unique Abstraction of Georges Mathieu

February 9th, 2021/ Writer: Shane Allen // Art

When it comes to abstract art. Its extremely hard to make something that doesn't make the viewer say "Looks like a child drew that".

So when you come across abstraction that moves you, it really moves you. A great example of an artist that has does that for us is the late French painter Georges Mathieu


it's one thing to be able make something look good if you have a reference to what it looks like in real life. If you paint an apple, you can tell how good the painting is because we know what an apple looks life in real life. However it's really hard to make something look good if there's no real indication as to what it is. If you look at an abstract painting, it all comes down to how well the painting communicates its feeling to the viewer.

The paintings of Mathieu are a direct representation of the energy that's put into them. Take a look at Mathieu as he paints. Its almost as if he's dancing., like he's performing for an audience. The painting takes second place to the performance of him actually painting it.

He looks drunk honestly., like blacked out, its pretty cool. Imagine coming home and your husband or dad is just smearing paint all over the wall lake that. You'd probably be concerned. Like I said it's hard to convince people that's art and not mental illness.

Battaglia // 1967

But that's what necessary to capture that energy that has trying to convey. Though clever composition of what is essentially just bunch of lines, somehow we a given a hivemind of color and shape.

Théorème d’Alexandroff // 1955.

There's a concentration and a release, The entanglement of a thousand separate patterns, that are forced to coincide with one another. in harmony.. A chaotic display of the beauty that come from a diverse melting pot of different spices, kind of like a city.. How so many people, all with separate lives, can live together is such a condensed confined space.

Its as if its the predecessor to graffiti. It captures the same feeling of a bunch of hardstyle's on top op each other.. Like a French SABER.

My what a tangles web we weave.

Hommage au Connétable de Bourbon. // 1959

So thank you Georges, thank you for being crazy enough to make it work.

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