What Happens at Night - A Solo Exhibition by Eva Redamonti

Feb 17th, 2021

“What Happens at Night”, Eva Redamonti

Equity Gallery, 245 Broome Street, New York, NY 10002

February 11-27, 2021

Comprising hand-made ink drawings, a site installation, and a series of animated shorts, “What Happens at Night” offers performative imagery and auditory accompaniment that reference Eva Redamonti’s childhood growing up in a suburban New England town. The show reflects on the power of belongings in a haunted home, the feeling of isolation and paranoia amidst mundane landscapes, and the dialogue between self to self that comes with spending many hours alone. This exhibition will showcase Eva Redamonti’s journey in the arts from the visual to auditory, and aims to show how these sensory stimulants interact with one another. Through repeating visual motifs and experimenting with different line weights, the artist’s drawings explore narrative and visual depth by layering scenes one on top of the other in non-conventional ways which in turn signals the viewer a multitude of options for navigating around the work. This exhibit will be presented across two rooms; the first will display sixteen drawings hung over a vinyl mural that will stretch the length of the gallery walls. The second room will play five animations

presented as moving interpretations of the above noted drawings.

Artist Biography

Eva is an artist who depicts drawings that blend realism with fantasy, through movement and detail. She works in multiple media forms like ink on paper, digital, gouache, and acrylic. Through her drawings, Eva strives to convey the emotion and narrative around various topics like empowerment, mental illness, superstition, and futurism. Music has a great influence on her work; she’s been playing music since she was ten and began writing her own music later on in her career. Born and raised in Connecticut, Eva went on to pursue music at Berklee College of Music in 2013. She lives and works as both an artist and musician in Queens, NY, USA.

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